This site is dedicated to the findings and philosophy of David Grove, originator of Clean Language, in the fields of psychotherapy, self-development, coaching and training.

If you are interested in the human condition you will find much that is new here, and in the process learn more about both the psychology and the step-by-step practicality of change. If you are a coach, counsellor, psychologist, therapist, trainer etc, a facilitator of others, you will learn how to progress your clients more easily and safely. They will find a path through the woods of their confusion very quickly indeed, and at the end of the day they will own their own process. They will heal themselves.

Emergent Knowledge developed from bringing together the principles of Clean Language, Clean Space and the theory of Emergence and applying them in the fields of therapy, coaching and self-discovery.

Clean Language evolved as a response to clients' subjective experience of phobias, anxiety and trauma. It is a set of simple, powerful questions that help the client fully explore their unconscious metaphoric construction of the problem, resulting typically in a self-generated solution. Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge use space and movement in addition to language to achieve similar profound results.

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Matthew Hudson

Matthew is a Clean Language, Emergent Knowledge and NLP therapist and trainer who for a brief time was David Grove's assistant. In this period he helped David categorize and give form to many of his theories and processes, particularly in the field of Emergent Knowledge.

He is committed to continuing David's work in his spirit of collaboration, innovation and experiment. David's aim was always to make his methods transparent and transferable. Matthew has taken this commitment and David's aim to publish a fantastic new book on the subject of Emergent Knowledge

Emergent Knowledge is not an elitist procedure, but a modus operandi for seeking solutions at any level of expertise or sophistication. It is a radically different approach to the medical model and to conventional therapies, and yet is entirely compatible with either.

David Grove


David was born in New Zealand of Maori and European ancestry. His pioneering work in Clean Language, Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge places him as one of the world’s leading innovative psychotherapists.

Image of Philip Harland, David Grove and Jennifer relaxing in France 2007

David Grove taking a break from a Emergent Knowledge seminar in France in 2007
with collaborators Jennifer de Gandt and Philip Harland